A number of Colleges in Ireland have been closed down in the recent weeks. These include Millennium College, Eden College, Kavanagh College, Irish Business School – all in Dublin - and Allied Irish College in Cork. The Colleges are under investigation by authorities following allegations of mismanagement and non-compliance with guidelines and regulations relating to course content, attendance and other criteria as laid down by the Irish Department of Education.

A large number of foreign students, including Indian students, have been affected following the closures raising concerns about the amounts paid by them to these Colleges, about their continued education and also their immigration status as students in Ireland.

In view of these developments, all Indian nationals proposing to study in Ireland are advised to diligently research the status of the educational institutions and the courses they wish to apply to. Indian nationals are advised to be guided by the Education in Ireland brand (www.educationinireland.com) which sets high educational, infrastructure and financial standards and which only promotes those educational institutions which meet these standards.