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  1. Filling up of Online Application Form

(A) Registration of Birth:

Fill the online form for registration of birth of a new born child at an Indian Consulate under section 4(1) of the citizenship act, 1955 using the link below:


Print the filled form, which is to be signed by any one Parent (holding Indian Passport) at the Embassy in presence of an Embassy official. The other parent of the child is required to pre-sign the form. Original passports of both the parents are to be submitted at the time of making application.

(Make sure you have the following files; try using Internet Explorer and make sure pop-ups are enabled:

  1. Photo of child in JPG format less than 20KB in size;
  2. Scanned signatures of both parents in JPG format less than 20 KB in size;
  3. Scanned copy of birth certificate of child in PDF format less than 1 MB in size;
  4. Scanned copies of passport of both parents (pages containing details / address, total 4 pages) in PDF format less than 1 MB in size;
  5. Scanned copy of marriage certificate of parents in PDF format less than 1 MB in size).

Upload all required documents as mentioned above.

If documents are not uploaded correctly, the form will be rejected and the applicant has to fill it again.


  1. The above application should be submitted at the Embassy within one year of birth of the child along with original documents as listed above (1-5).
  2. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, it is not required for the child and his/her mother to be present for registration of birth / for applying new passport. The application may be submitted by the father of the child. Original passports of both the parents of the child should be submitted at the time of making application.
  3. Appointment to submit the birth registration form and apply for fresh passport may be sought via email at passport.dublin@mea.gov.in
  4. Originals documents will be returned after verification at the time of submission of forms. Both Birth Registration and Passport application form can be submitted together.

The Embassy will first register the birth and then process the passport application.

(B) Applying for Fresh Passport for New Born:

Application to be filled online, using the website: - https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/


Eligible Applicants can do online registration for applying for Passport. Use Internet Explorer Browser for doing Online Registration.

Steps to be followed: Open https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/  and select country by clicking Ireland flag from the main dashboard.  Click ‘Register’ and select Embassy/ Consulate as ‘Ireland-Dublin’. Complete the registration. Login again using ‘User Login’.  Select ‘Apply for Ordinary Passport’ and proceed with the application.

Don't use Special characters while entering details in the Online Registration form.

NoteIn the application, of the two addresses (i.e. Passport Printable address and Other address), one has to be an Indian address, while other local (i.e. Irish) address. 

Please note that the data once registered cannot be modified, so ensure that you are entering the correct data while doing Online Registration. In case if you have registered wrong data, you have to register again with the correct details and get the print outs with fresh File numbers.

NB: Please note that Passport is made on the basis of entries made by an applicant in the online form. Therefore, ensure that all entries in the online, as well as printed application form, are correct.


€65/- + €2/-

Fee is payable by two separate crossed postal orders/bank drafts in Euros, drawn in favour of Embassy of India, Dublin. Fee for new passport is €40/- , Birth registration fee is €25/-, and €2/- as ICWF component.

If someone is applying for Birth registration and  fresh Passport for New Born simultaneously, the applicant will have to buy two separate postal orders/bank drafts, one postal order/bank draft amounting to €65/- and another postal order/bank draft for €2/-.

  1. Submission of Application and Documents to Embassy

Parents to submit the following documents at Embassy:

(i) Birth registration form as filled above (signed by both parents).

(ii) The Passport application form.

(iii) Two separate postal orders/bank drafts as above.

(iv) Three photographs with white background (2x2 inch). Requirements for photograph can be checked here

(v) Copies of the following documents attested (by parents):Copy of the birth certificate of child, Both parents’ passport copy (first and last page), GNIB card copy of both parents

(vi) Both the parents should sign Annexure-D (click here). Both parents shall be present at the Embassy while applying for passport to their new born child or one parent with original passports of both the parents may be present.

Note: To receive the passport by Post, applicants are required to provide a self-addressed registered envelope.

Document submission: As per allotted date and time. As mentioned above, appointment may be sought via email at passport.dublin@mea.gov.in

Processing Time: Upto 4 weeks from the date of submission of documents at the Embassy.


  1. Collection Procedure for New Indian Passports:

Passports may be collected from the Embassy, on receipt of Embassy’s intimation email. To receive the passport by Post, applicants are required to provide a self-addressed registered envelope (Tamper proof envelope only).

Documents Collection Time: - Monday to Friday between 4pm and 5pm. (Except holidays)*

For any further query please email at passport.dublin@mea.gov.in

*For list of holidays please click: http://indianembassydublin.in/eoi.php?id=holidays

* Please check the advisories section for any updates regarding consular services.