About Us Death of an Indian National

Death Certificate is issued by Embassy to Indian nationals, who passed away in Ireland

FEE: No fee is charged for registration of death and attestation of all relevant documents.

  1. Submission of Application and Documents to Embassy

Submit the following documents at Embassy of India, 69 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin-4, Ireland:

  1. Request letter for issue of death certificate by next of kin

  2. Original Indian Passport of the deceased

  3. Post-mortem report giving the cause of the death and Death certificate, issued by hospital/municipal authorities (duly attested by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs) ruling out foul play--- in original.

  4. Embalming certificate issued by the hospital/municipal authorities, duly attested by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (in case the body is to be transported to India)

NB: Before applying to the Embassy, please check all the above documents have been attached with the request letter.

Document submission time: Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 5:30pm. (Except holidays)* (In case of urgent requirement please call on 0899677454)


Processing Time: Same day



3. Collection Procedure for Death certificate:


Death certificate may be collected from the Embassy, on same day.

To receive the Death certificate by Post, applicants are required to send a self-addressed registered envelope with application (Tamper proof envelope only).

Documents Collection Time: - Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 5:30pm. (Except holidays)* (In case of emergency, death certificate is issued at the same time, if all documents are complete. For emergency contact Mobile no 0899677454)

For any further query please write or call:

Email ID: visa.dublin@mea.gov.in

Tel No. +353- 01-2060932 (1400 hrs to 1600 hrs)

*For list of holidays please click: http://indianembassydublin.in/eoi.php?id=holidays