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Important Advisory reg SPAM calls

Posted on: April 03, 2020 | Back | Print

Important Advisory (03 April, 2020)

All community members, especially students, are advised to be wary of any spam phone calls, seemingly originating from Indian Embassy (Dublin) phone numbers, or caller identifying himself from the Embassy. The spam callers are known to use the current situation/anxiety (like Covid-19, travel ban, legality of visa, etc), or any other pretext to sound a genuine caller. In case of doubt/clarification, one should invariably call back the numbers, as shown on Embassy website. No unnecessary personal information should be conveyed nor any commitment for any payment is to be made to the caller. Embassy does not ask for any money to be transferred to any bank account or for any cash payment. The consular/visa fee has been published on the Embassy website and is only to be paid, as advised, in connection with any consular/visa service.

If such a call is received, this should immediately be reported to the concerned Gardai station and the Embassy be kept informed, preferably in writing.